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  • Explain the current state of technology as it applies to your specific needs
  • Develop solutions specific to your application
  • Configure software to match your needs and your current operating procedures
  • Assist with the start up, including data population and staff training
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure reliable operation
  • Upgrade your system as your needs change
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SageData Solutions - Contact Information

We provide systems built around RFID, Barcodes, BLE and Mobile Data Collectors.

For all inquiries, contact Doreen Garvin.
E-mail Doreen at dg@sales.ca, or click here.

To order Barcode labels, contact Trinity Joseph.
E-mail Trinity at tj@sage.ca, or click here.

For sales inquiries email: sales@sage.ca, or click here.

For general inquiries email: info@sage.ca, or click here.

To reach us by phone from Ottawa: 613-225-4404
To reach us by phone from outside Ottawa: 1-888-838-1067

We are on LinkedIn LinkedInand Facebook Facebook

Our address:
SageData Solutions Inc.
1948 Merivale Rd, Unit 201
Ottawa, Ontario  K2G 1E9

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Our office is only twenty minutes away from Ottawa International Airport (YOW).

Asset Management with RFID or barcodes

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Manage a Warehouse
Manage a Library
Using RFID
Manage Files
and Documents

Store Archival Files
We don't ask you to change your process to match our software.

We change our software to match your process.

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