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An Introduction to the BassetPro Material Management System

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BassetPro started life as a system to help manage an inventory of physical assets. This could be IT equipment, desks and chairs, heritage assets and artwork, safety equipment, archival files, production or test equipment, tools and jigs for maintenance, or mechanical systems used for air conditioning.

The system uses bar coded identification tags to identify assets, locations, and (sometimes) owners. Hand held computers enable data to be collected easily, quickly and accurately. A full featured desk top element of the system enables information to be analysed and reported.

Comprehensive import and export capabilities mean that information can readily be exchanged with back end systems such as SAP, Oracle, FreeBalance, Quickbooks, etc.


RFID Tags can be used in place of bar coded asset identification tags, but there are some technical limitations, which mean that although RFID is an effective solution for some applications (such as file tracking and managing heritage assets), it can have severe limitations in other applications. Contact SageData directly for more information, or to see if your application is suitable for RFID.


There are several variants of BassetPro, including Standard, Lite, and Advanced.


The standard configuration is suitable for most medium to large corporations, or an organisation within the Federal Government. This provides a networked application working with a central server (which could be local or "in the cloud"), enabling many users to access data.

Multiple hand held computers, operating in batch or RF mode, can verify and update the data.  The majority of BassetPro installs are of the standard variant. Many organisations have unique requirements that are not common to other users. The standard variant of BassetPro has enough flexibility to meet these application specific requirements in most cases.


The "lite" variation of the product is intended for small and SoHo businesses, or for smaller teams which are part of a bigger organisation. The Lite version is intended for single users on a standalone (not networked) workstation, and the focus is on tracking and verifying physical assets. The Lite plus version can be networked, but is intended for a limited number of users.

Reading Server's barcode


The advanced variant includes all the features of the standard option, and includes consolidated reporting, a data sentinal for backup insurance, automated email notification, a dedicated loan function, maintenance functions, MSL capability, scheduling of inspections or maintenance activity, and SKU functionality. Many clients opt for a completely customised variant of BassetPro, built on the base of the Advanced variant.


BassetPro was first introduced in 1993, inspired by a project for Health Canada. Since then we have installed many hundreds of instances of this project in Ottawa, across Canada, and around the world. A year or so back we had a request for support from the Tower of London!

BassetPro has migrated over several platforms, with several major rebuilds of the software, following the functionality laid down, proven and improved by many hundreds of users.
The mobile element has grown, and grown up, taking advantage of the functionality of each new generation of mobile data collectors as they are released.

BassetPro is well proven, and fully functioned. Our aim is to give you a tool which is powerful but docile. It does the job. No fuss. So that you can focus on your core tasks.

Datalogic Memor 10 with pistol grip

BassetPro today

For some clients BassetPro has become a key resource on which many activities depend. Several clients have been using the system for twenty years and more, migrating to new releases as the technology evolves. The function of BassetPro has evolved too. The original asset management task has formed a strong chassis on which many other applications have been built.

We started tracking assets, confirming their location, and that they were still part of the inventory. Important for both financial and operational managers. From there it was a small step to inspecting the asset. Not just confirming that it was there, but confirming that it was still in good condition.

That led to routine inspection of fire protection equipment. Inspections sometimes revealed a need for maintenance, so BassetPro became a maintenance tracking system. Then part of a tool crib. And where safety equipment is concerned, BassetPro can prevent the issue of safety equipment to personnel who are not certified to use it.

BassetPro is a powerful and effective tool. It has been around for a while. It has experience! There are few jobs that BassetPro has not tackled. Let us know if you have a challenging application.

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SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We design, supply and support systems built around RFID, Barcodes and Handheld computers.

For further information, or for advice and assistance with your application, contact Doreen Garvin or Trinity Joseph.

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