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Consulting Services: Barcodes...

... and how we can advise you on how to introduce or improve barcode technology in your application



SageData just passed twenty five years in the barcode business. In that time we have been actively involved in many hundreds of applications for barcode technology. We have probably put barcodes on everything you can imagine and a few more things beside. In most cases we supply complete systems and provide advice and training.

But we recognise that for many clients, all they need is some information, not only about the good news, but also about how to avoid the many traps and potholes that can damage any project. This note explains what we have to offer, and the options for working with us.

Application of Barcodes

Most common applications include managing physical assets, operating stores or warehouses, and performing inspections. But we have gone way beyond that with some of our more imaginative clients. So if you have some ideas about how barcodes might help your organisation, feel free to call and talk with one of our barcode experts. There is no charge for the initial consultation. And no surprises when we move on to a more formal arrangement.


All barcodes are not created equal. We can explain the strengths and weaknesses of each symbology, and help you select the one that is best for you.


Labels might seem easy, but there is plenty of scope for error. Material. Adhesive. Quiet zone. Even size. Plus the construct of the information on the label.  We have seen systems that become unusable, and some just seriously compromised by the selection of a character sequence to be used for SKU or UIC. We can help avoid the pitfalls.


Are now very advanced, and offer "interesting" features, such as 2D capability. But be careful, there are hidden dangers here too. The strength of 2D technology carries some serious logical traps.

Handheld computers

Fish and Chips. Love and marriage. Barcode Technology and Handheld Computers. Some things go naturally together. Handheld computers go naturally with barcode technology. The hardware is perhaps ten times smaller than the hardware for a typical server. So some people thing they must be ten times easier to programme.

The ten times is perhaps right, but after considering connectivity, small screen, small keyboard, barcode interface, data security, file transfers, speed of operation and battery life, some folk think that the handheld computer is ten time more complicated than the server. We have a long history with handheld computers from many different manufacturers. We know the good and the bad. And the ugly. We can help.


Some say that the barcode is dead, to be replaced imminently with the RFID tag. We say not so. We love RFID. But we also love barcode technology. This is the classic situation for a Venn diagramme. Each technology has strengths and weaknesses. Some applications could perform equally well either way.

But for others, the wrong decision could be expensive, and lead to poor performance. We see an enthusiasm for RFID that we don't always agree with. And in several cases we have "converted" our clients back to barcode. We understand the strengths of each approach, and are happy to explain them.


We have acquired an extensive knowledge of barcode technology, and have seen and learned from many failed projects.  We are happy to share that information with you. We can begin with an informal conversation at no charge. If you find our input helpful, and need a closer working relationship, we can agree a formal working arrangement, and become your "barcode expertise partner" for as long as it is appropriate.


SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We design, supply and support systems built around RFID, Barcodes and Handheld computers.

For further information, or for advice and assistance with your application, contact Doreen Garvin or Trinity Joseph.

Click here to reach SageData by email.

To reach us by phone:
from outside Ottawa, dial 1-888-838-1067
from Ottawa, dial 613-225-4404

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