Review of the DS2200 from Zebra

Cordless Barcode Reader and Imager with Bluetooth Capability


DS2200 First Impressions.

At SageData we have been a keen advocate of cordless scanners for a long time. When handheld tethered scanners get a lot of use the cord takes a beating. It will last many months of course, but after two or three years the constant movement takes its toll.

We keep track of returns and client incidents, and a worn out cord on a tethered scanner is up there in the top ten of the issues list. So we have always advocated for cordless readers, even though they are a little more expensive.

And this reader is a beauty. A solid cordless scanner, with 2D capability, that can communicate using Bluetooth.  The very reasonable price point is an added bonus. This will be our recommended barcode reader for desktop applications going forward.

Physical appearanceDS2200

Very good. It has a nice solid feel. The handheld part is light enough. The docking action with the cradle is very good, a nice solid feel. The orientation is good too. Some of the older models had a horizontal position in the docking station, but a nice touch here is that the reader is vertical, the natural orientation if you have just scanned a barcode. One small criticism, it might have been better to run the cord from the other side of the docking station, to help keep the desktop less cluttered.

Battery life

There is a great deal of ambiguity in the simple question "how long does the battery last?" For there are two answers. The first is "How long does the battery last during the day before I need to charge it?" The second is "How many years does the battery last before I need to replace it?"

At the time of writing, we have not had this unit long enough to confirm battery life, but this unit uses a lithium ion battery, so that usually means good answers to both questions. In our experience, in a practical working environment, the reader is going to last more hours than the person using it.  Our experience with Lithium Ion in other equipment suggests that the battery will last more years than the system it is part of.

Charging the batteryDS2200

It can be charged through the docking station of course, but also by a direct connection with a micro USB port, same way as you can charge your smartphone. So this means no special charger, one less item to plug in to the power bar. We applaud this change. A lot less mess under the desk. Less mess is good.


Connection can be through the docking station to a USB port, or direct via bluetooth, which will be especially useful for mobile applications, where the reader is being used with a tablet or smartphone


These are our first impressions, having only just received our first unit, and we may well change some of our thoughts with experience, but first impressions are very strongly in favour, and we expect to be deploying this unit with our applications from now on. Watch this space for updates. Your feedback is always welcome.


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