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Increase Employee Efficiency & Productivity

Increase inventory and database accuracy to up to 99.5%.


Real-time data management enables you to view the exact levels of your inventory.


Online access to information.


Using Radio Frequency (RF) handhelds with built-in scanners will reduce the time spent on data entry.


Quick handheld response promotes job satisfaction and efficiency.


Reduce Operating and Capital Costs

Capital costs will be reduced by creating optimum warehouse space, usage and improve resources.


Clerical costs of producing reports will be reduced because up-to-date information already exists in the database and there are predefined reports. As well, receiving discrepancies and inventory adjustments will be reduced by using handheld computers and bar codes.


Computerizing information will eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce human error.


Improve Customer Service

Customer response and order turnaround time is improved using real-time information.


Eliminate of out-of-stock inventory.


Prioritize customer orders.


Ship orders more accurately using handheld computers and bar codes.



WHiPPET Features


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