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Electronic Forms for BassetPro, Mobile

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

SageData have a generic electronic forms software, but for some applications it is helpful to have some configuration done in advance, and some features particularly relevant to the target application. This is one of those cases. Asset Management systems have particular requirements. There is often a route, or sequence, which can be repeated several times a day, and a requirement to provide specific feedback to the user. The system "knows" in advance which assets are likely to be found in each location, and can prompt the user if any items are inadvertently missed, or to confirm positively that they have been moved. It provides the option for free form data entry to note, for example, damaged items or potential safety issues.

Does it work alone?

The mobile element of the electronic forms system works with a reporting module. One reporting module can work with many mobile modules. The reports module also provides functions for set-up and data storage.

What does it do?

The mobile element interacts with the handheld computer, which can be running CE  (CE was discontinued by Microsoft. No new CE handhelds available) or Android. It displays instructions to the user, and collects information provided as the audit proceeds. It can provide supporting information, such as detailed location information (check in the grey cabinet). It is designed for use by expert and novice inspectors.

Behind the scenes, the mobile element manages memory and storage, and communications functions required to pass data to the main data repository. It also manages log on and protection for the data.


This software enables a variety of handheld computers to be used to help ensure that inspections are easy to conduct, and that the data collected is accurate. Records are improved, as they are maintained electronically, and are protected from errors that can arise when data is transcribed from a clipboard.

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