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Fire Extinguishers and Related Equipment - an Inspection and Management System

FiESTA - Fire Equipment Status Tracking Applicationinspecting a fire extinguisher

Know the status of your fire equipment maintenance checks, know when routine inspections were done, and, more important, know when they are next due! And you can relax and smile when the auditor comes to visit.

FiESTA allows you to track all forms of fire and safety equipment using BARCODES, RFID and handheld computers. An association is made between a BARCODE label or RFID tag secured to a piece of equipment, and to another at its designated location. A schedule of preventative maintenance and routine inspections are also assigned to the equipment. When an inspection is conducted, you are alerted if equipment has been moved. FiESTA ensures the integrity of your fire safety procedures and inspections.

The system provides benefits to the inspectors, to the managers, and to those protected by the equipment.

For the inspector, a handheld computer provides an ordered listing of equipment due for inspection, with the location of each piece identified.

inspecting a fire hose

At the equipment, the inspector uses the handheld computer to read the tags that identify the location code and the equipment. This confirms that the correct equipment is at each location. The handheld computer then provides the inspector with a step by step inspection routine for that specific equipment. As each point is verified, the handheld computer records the completion of that check.

When that equipment inspection is completed, the handheld computer identifies the location of the next item to be inspected. At the end of the inspection tour, information is moved from the handheld computer to the central server, and the application permits many hundreds of different reports to be generated from that raw data.

For the management team, the powerful application permits systems to be set up quickly and easily, and enables inspection procedures to be defined for each type of equipment. The system accurately records all the actions of the inspectors, tracking each inspection to the minute.

And for those protected by the equipment, there is peace of mind, knowing that the safety equipment is being properly maintained.

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