Sage Data is pleased to announce the Serialize Barcoder. This allows the user to add a serial number in barcode and human readable format to any document, including invoices, purchase orders, data collection forms, even blank sheets.  This means that, with the addition of a simple wedge reader, you can add bar code efficiency and accuracy to your existing applications.

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Providing support for many different paper and envelope sizes, the System has been designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible.

Serialize Barcoder is available in two versions. For a comparison between the two version, see the chart on the left of the screen.

Serialize Barcoder is available as a 30 day trial version. During this period, there are no restrictions or limitations to the system. Please ensure the system works correctly on your system before purchase.

Before you are able to download the software, we ask you to enter your contact details. These details will not be given to any third parties.  They are used to track who is downloading the software, so that we can, at your option, send you further information.  Once your details are submitted you may download the software.  A password is required to install the system, and this will be emailed to the address submitted.

Version Comparison
  Lite Pro
Symbologies 10 10
Save Configurations No Yes
Advanced Formatting No Yes


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Barcode Serializer

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