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Workabout Pro from Psion - an introduction


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Introduction

SageData have been working with Psion since 1991, and have had a close working relationship throughout those years. The Psion Workabout was the third generation of Psion product, and we have supplied many systems based on this platform to clients in Canada and around the world.

The Workabout Pro

Now Psion Teklogix have released the successor to the Psion Workabout. This machine, the Workabout Pro, is based on the Microsoft .NET environment, which provides an extremely powerful base on which industrial applications can be built. For those not familiar with .NET, it will appear very similar to the Pocket PC OS found on the IPAQ and similar products, but in a slightly more industrial flavour. No games. No PIMS.

The Hardware

The hardware itself is very appealing. Various models can offer colour screens, touch screen functionality, a variety of scanners, Bluetooth and 802.11 communication capability.


One of the key features of this machine is its flexibility. Components such as laser scanners, radio, and additional memory, can be added locally, without the need for a return to the factory. This provides flexibility in early system development, and can extend product life, as the product can readily be upgraded to meet changing requirements.


SageData have updated the Basset Pro AMS (Asset Management System) to work on this platform, and it is now avaliable in Batch and RF modes. A hybrid, automatically switching variant is under development.

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