Technical Manager

Do you dream in code? Do you enjoy playing with the latest software development tools? Do you like to take the time to write software that is truly poetic. Do you fantasise about your code being hung on high, so that other,programmers can pay homage to your brilliance?

If this is you, you will probably have a long and successful career in software engineering. We wish you well. But please don't answer this ad.


Do you dream of making the world a better place, even if only in a very small way. Do you relish the challenge of accepting a task that is clearly impossible, and then doing it anyway. Do you get satisfaction from working to deadline, producing systems that work as planned, that are reliable, and that are maintainable.

Do you like to take technology to places where no-one has gone before? Is your fantasy to be recognised and lauded as the developer of tools that are used in the real world to help others do their important jobs more effectively and more efficiently.

If so...

We are SageData. For twenty years we have developed tools built around technologies that include handheld computers, barcodes and RFID. We push the technical envelope. Our tools help our clients collect data, analyse and process that data, and deliver an analysis that help them improve the service they offer to those that they serve.

Our clients are health-care professionals, project managers, police, fire and ambulance services, military, manufacturers, and those providing services on behalf of the Federal Government. They save lives, reduce costs, improve safety, protect us all from the bad guys, and provide essential services.

The systems that we design help them do that more efficiently, more effectively. Your role would be to take responsibility for a project from inception to completion. Reviewing client requirements. Choosing which of our existing products can be used, what changes are required, what new software must be written, and writing, testing and releasing that new software.

Your objective is to give the client the perfect tool for their specific situation. You will have ownership and responsibility for the project. And the support needed to ensure success.

If you think this may be interesting, please let us know. And your first challenge is to tell your story by submitting a one-page resume.

We look forward to hearing from you, and, hopefully inviting you to join the team.

Please email your correspondence to

Doreen Wallace
May 7, 2015

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