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Paperless Inventory Control System (PICS)

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

What is PICS?

Mobile inventory audit screen

PICS is a simple and effective system for controlling your inventory. PICS maintains your client database, as well as their purchasing history. All sales are tracked, thus, making department or user charge backs quick, easy and accurate.

It is particularly useful for small in house stores, such as those maintained for stationery and supplies. The system uses barcodes and handheld computers to ensure that data collection is fast, easy and accurate. Issues can be done quickly - it is faster to scan a barcode than write down a part number. The system can print a list of items issued, and can consolidate this over any chosen period.

PICS has the ability to print a re-order report for all items where the on-hand quantity is below your set minimum or MSL (minimum stock level).

Supplier information and their part numbers are printed to facilitate ordering. Reports (detailed and summary) can also be printed providing an audit trial.

So day to day operations can be done quickly, and accurately, and the simplicity of the system means that training requirements are minimal, and that occasional or temporary staff can use the system effectively.

In any application audits will be required from time to time, to ensure that the inevitable human errors do not accumulate and result in out of stock situations. These audits can be conducted easily and quickly, with the handheld unit being used to collect information, which is subsequently synchronized with that held in the main database.

The PICS system includes desktop and handheld elements. SageData will provide support for installation and training, and a 90 day close support period to ensure that the system is operating correctly, and that users are familiar with all the features.

We would be happy to share our ideas, technical solutions and best practices with you.

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