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Managing Fixed Assets with BassetPro - An Introduction

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


BassetPro started life as a system to help manage an inventory of physical assets. This could be IT equipment, desks and chairs, heritage assets and artwork, safety equipment, archival files, production or test equipment, Cable drums in the fields tools and jigs for maintenance, or mechanical systems used for air conditioning
The system uses barcoded identification and or RFID tags to identify assets, locations, and (sometimes) owners. Handheld computers enable data to be collected easily, quickly and accurately. A full featured desk top element of the system enables information to be analyzed and reported.
Comprehensive import and export capabilities mean that information can readily be exchanged with back end systems such as SAP, Oracle, FreeBalance, Quickbooks, etc.


RFID tags can be used in place of barcoded asset identification tags. RFID is an effective solution for some applications (for example, file tracking and managing heritage assets), it can have some limitations in other applications. Contact SageData directly for more information, or to see if your application is suitable for RFID.


BassetPro today

For some clients BassetPro has become a key resource on which many activities depend. Several clients have been using the system for twenty years and more, migrating to new releases as the technology evolves. The function of BassetPro has evolved too. The original asset management task has formed a strong chassis on which many other applications have been built.

Zebra TC21 handheld

We started tracking assets, confirming their location, and that they were still part of the inventory. Important for both financial and operational managers. From there it was a small step to inspecting the asset. Not just confirming that it was there, but confirming that it was still in good condition.

That led to routine inspection of fire protection equipment. Inspections sometimes revealed a need for maintenance, so BassetPro became a maintenance tracking system. Then part of a tool crib. And where safety equipment is concerned, BassetPro can prevent the issue of safety equipment to personnel who are not certified to use it.

There are few jobs that BassetPro has not tackled. Let us know if you have a challenging application.

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