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  • Configure software to match your needs and your current operating procedures
  • Assist with the start up, including data population and staff training
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure reliable operation
  • Upgrade your system as your needs change
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SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

We design, supply and support systems built around RFID, Barcodes and Handheld computers.

For further information, or for advice and assistance with your application, contact Doreen Garvin or Trinity Joseph.

Click here to reach SageData by email.

To reach us by phone:
from outside Ottawa, dial 1-888-838-1067
from Ottawa, dial 613-225-4404

Asset Management with RFID or barcodes

Barcode Labels

We built a system using Barcodes
to manage

- We called it BassetPro
Fire Equipment Inspections

Library Management Software Using RFID


We supply systems for asset management, inspections, inventory and much more...
Manage Assets
with RFID or barcodes

Manage a Warehouse
Manage a Library
Using RFID
Manage Files
and Documents