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FAQ on Asset Management, Inspection, and Inventory Control Systems

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Q: Would it be possible to use mobile phones instead of the proposed dedicated readers?

A: Yes, but it is not recommended, as it can reduce the reliability of the system. We have done this for some clients. In practice, the involvement of third parties (the phone manufacturer and the service provider) introduces uncertainties that reduce the reliability of the system. Clients purchasing additional or replacement phones sometimes find that required features (NFC readers or cameras) do not work the same. And we have had situations where the service provider updates their security settings in a way that disables the inspection function.

Please watch a short video addressing this topic.

Q: Can we use existing barcodes?

A: Yes, but not recommended, as it can cause confusion for the inspectors. Some manufacturers have multiple barcodes on their equipment. The inspector / employee may scan the wrong one, or be hunting for the correct one. There is the risk of duplication. Some clients have had difficulty because they were accidentally using a model number instead of a serial number, which creates false duplicates.

Q: Can we move the barcode tag to a replacement equipment when the original dies?

A: Yes, but not recommended as it can lead to errors in the reporting, especially historical reporting. The price of a barcode is small. The role of the barcode is to, uniquely, identify an equipment. By moving it to a different equipment, the possibility of confusion is created.

Q: Can I import existing data?

A: Yes, but we recommend that SageData do the import. There will need to be a next step, linking the barcode to the serial number. And there is a risk of importing incorrect information, if any of the existing data is unproven. It is sometimes better to set everything up new, depends on the circumstances.

Q: Can we use barcode labels from a different supplier?

A: Yes, but not recommended. Our QA system analyses feedback and support calls from clients. A significant portion come from clients that have sourced barcode labels which are out of spec or which include duplicate ID numbers. Worst case, for one client that used labels from another source, the adhesive dried out and all the labels fell off after the first year.

Q: Can people use the mobile units for other than the intended purpose?

A: No. We lock the units down so that they become a dedicated tool that can only be used for inspection of safety equipment.

Q: How do I choose the right mobile unit for my application?

A: You choose by making a trade off between a number of key factors including size,weight, battery life, keyboard, screen size, robust design... more .

Q: When printing barcodes on small labels, how can I make more room on the label?

A: If you use code 128 as the symbology for the barcode you will generate more space on the label for other details such as logos or text. Code 128 has a higher density than other barcode symbologies and helps alleviate the crowded look of some smaller size labels.

Q: If I am receiving new asset items that have all of the same information like description, model, manufacturer, supplier, cost, purchase date, etc.
Do I have to manually fill in all of these fields for each asset?

A: No you do not have to manually fill in the information. You can use the Clone function within BassetPro. The Clone function allows the user to capture all of the data entered for the previous asset except the bar code and serial number fields. The user will click on Clone Asset and then be prompted to enter a new bar code number and serial number if applicable.

Call or e-mail us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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