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SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

John Rivenell

My name is John Rivenell. As President of SageData, I welcome you to this web site.

The systems we develop can help you improve the level of service that you offer, improve safety of your employees, ensure compliance with mandated requirements and reduce operating costs. This website is intended to help you understand the products and services that we offer, and begin to identify which might be most appropriate for your specific needs.

We are defined in part by our focus - to help our clients make better decisions by providing them with detailed, accurate and timely information about their operations. Much of this information is about physical "stuff", and we use "stuff" here in part because our systems are often used for a wide variety of physical things. Everyday applications include cardboard cartons in a warehouse, IT equipment in an office environment, and ingredients in a food manufacturing environment. But we have also counted Caribou, and tracked assets at ancient sites in the UK.

There are several levels of information that these systems can provide. At the simplest level, they can help tell you what you have, where and when it was last "touched", and who touched it. But they can also provide information on condition, inspection results, maintenance activity, manufacturing processes completed, and much more.

If you are responsible for operations of any description, the systems we provide will help ensure that managing items and activities is easy, fast and accurate. And these systems can help you manage the whole life cycles of equipment or consumed materials, from procurement, through receipt, deployment, inspection, maintenance, consumption or disposal.

We offer consulting, systems, hardware, software, server based systems, labels and support services.

The list of SageData clients includes businesses large and small, in high-tech and low tech industries, from supply chain, through manufacturing and mining. We are based in Ottawa, Canada, and so are a major supplier to the Canadian Federal Government. Most Federal Government Departments and Agencies have installed one or more SageData System.

Since 1991 we have provided products and services to more than a thousand clients, as diverse as the Tower of London, manufacturing in Singapore, warehouse operations in Kandahar, mining operations in Northern Manitoba, and with many more systems located between Halifax and Victoria.

So why did these clients choose SageData? In part because we are judged to be "right sized". Big enough to provide the systems and support required, small enough to be responsive, to move fast when looking after a clients needs, and still be able to provide a very personal level of service. Call SageData during normal business hours, and you speak to a real live person. In less than four rings. Try it.

And to give you one more layer of protection, SageData is an ISO9001:2015 registered company. We have an active Quality Assurance Programme, ensuring that feedback from our clients is used to improve our products.

We invite you to browse these pages, and please feel free to call us directly if you have any questions around the technologies, or if you would like an opinion on a specific application that you are considering.

We are always keen to add to our list of established and satisfied clients.

Thank you for visiting us here. We hope that you find the information useful, and look forward to talking with you soon.

 John Rivenell, CEng MIET CQP MCQI MIAM

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We would be happy to discuss your business needs and offer a solution.

For faster service:
   613-225-4404 (Ottawa area) or 1-888-838-1067