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Imagine you are running a tight ship where every spare part that your business may need is easily found… If it is the case - congratulations, well done! Please do not waste your time reading the rest of this page. But if your ship is not that tight, we may be able to help - please continue reading.

If you are running an IT business with real life customers, quickly finding a replacement part quickly might be critical. For example, a network failure related to a faulty switch would be easily repaired if only you could find the replacement part. Of course, you know that you have it somewhere on this or that shelf. The Excel spreadsheet says there are 3 of them...2 were borrowed by the lab staff last Monday...so, where is the last one? Your manager just called to ask what was going on...Her boss gave her 15 minutes to figure out the situation and report back... Your manager wants to stay with you on the phone while you frantically search for the part. She tells you to stop searching and call the lab to see if you could get back the part they borrowed. Spare part example No luck - the automated message tells you that the lab team is in training until tomorrow.
Finally, after some stressful minutes you find the part. Success! And a relief...but, your Director wants to see you and your manager tomorrow morning to review what went wrong. This is not going to a happy meeting. Sounds familiar?

SageData Solutions can make finding a spare part much easier by relaying on an RFID search. This is how it would look like with our system in your place: ...a network failure related to a faulty switch would be easily repaired if only you could quickly find the replacement parts. Of course, you know you have it somewhere on this or that shelf. So, you grab the RFID scanner, press the button, and in a split second you would know the location of that spare part. When your manager calls to find out what is going on, you report that the replacement part is in your hand and the service will be restored momentarily…

Our solution for spare parts management is a combination of barcode and RFID technology managed by the Basset Pro software system. Every spare part would have a unique barcode label and an RFID tag that would make finding it very simple and quick. Our system provides a highly customizable database allowing every organization to set up an optimal spare parts management solution. You would be able to track the parts that went to another location either to be used or for repair. Our system would remind you when a calibration of certain equipment is due and it would tell you the exact quantity of every part and their locations. In addition, you could manage checking out / in of the items.

Spare part example So, the tight ship, mentioned at the beginning, could be yours if you are willing to give it a try. Of course, you would still need to follow operating procedures to keep things in order. Even the most advanced system would not help finding a much-needed spare part if the RFID tag has not been registered or the part itself is not in the system. But these are errors that are easily avoided, and with our help, you would have all the required tools to be successful.

We would be happy to tell more and provide some good examples of our systems. Contacting us would be a good first step!

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